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About PACER Consultants

Our Philosophy

PACER Consultants was established by the late Professor Dr. Hassan Ismail. The company started with the intent to offer its community advancement and improvement of their habitation.
One could confidently confirm that the original purpose of starting the firm has been fulfilled, the firm did not only contribute to the betterment of the immediate community, but to the nation and the world as a whole.

Realizing the shift and the variations in the local and international markets, we have our departments to serve our clients in optimizing their projects and hence having a healthier community. We believe that it is our duty to study, design and build facilities that are needed by the community and they should be created intelligently to best serve their purpose. Our job is thus to create intelligent solutions.

A professional development program and a quality control program were established within the firm to ensure that services are performed up to the highest quality and technological levels, while maintaining the personal touch. Office standards are in ceaseless development and quality of product is being revised continually; it is hence natural that currently the firm has a long list of satisfied clients, some of which have been dealing with us for the past fifty years.

Our Team

PACER Consultants employs over 100 full time engineers, administrators and supporting staff; and around 200 highly qualified long lasting experienced experts associated with PACER and used on-the-need basis. Company expertise includes planning, architectural design, civil works, project and construction management, maritime and coastal engineering, and socio-economic and marketing studies.

Expertise of PACER is always extending, through its exhaustive list of experts who work in conjunction with our full time staff enabling us to engage in a wide spectrum of works. This includes town and infrastructure planning, architectural design, water resources, irrigation and drainage management, wastewater treatment, coastal engineering, ports and harbor design, inland navigation and land reclamation studies, industrial services, transportation, economic and environmental studies project and construction management as well as training and tourism studies.

Our Board

PACER Consultants' members of the board are:

Eng. Essam Abdel Gawad: Managing Director
Dr. Ahmed Ismail: Senior Vice President
Eng. Osama Balboul: Senior Vice President
Dr. Mokhles Abou-Seida: Board Member
Dr. Fathi Saleh: Board Member